Featured Models

Abigail Toyne
Abigail is an absolute delight to work with. This very pretty blue-eyed blonde has a great sense of humour and a shoot with her is an enjoyable occasion. She is a very experienced model who always looks fantastic in blouses and bondage.
Adreena Winters
Sexy Adreena is a well-established British adult glamour model. Charming and intelligent, she loves nothing more than to feel rope around her body.
Alais Peach
Alais Peach loves being tied up, especially if the mix includes lots of silky scarves. She just loves scarf bondage and goes off into another world when she's swathed in silk. She's also fun to work with.
The lovely Amelia comes to us courtesy of Australian photographer Lars Pearson. She looks great in a sexy blouse, and you can see that she just loves her bondage
Amy had never been tied up in her life until she met Bhowani. Then she discovered she loved it. A very pretty brunette who's an experienced glamour model, she took to bondage like a duck to water. We'll be seeing a lot of lovely Amy
Angelina, as well as being a raven-haired beauty from the English Midlands, is a bit of an enigma. She is an experienced fetish and bondage model, but is also an accomplished musician, a trained fire eater and two of her best friends are huge pythons. But she is also a warm, pleasant and entertaining girl. A genuine submissive, she loves being tied up and takes a genuine interest in the art of shibari. She also has a shoe collection to rival that of Imelda Marcos.
Willowy blue-eyed blonde Ashleigh looks fabulous in our sexy outfits and just great in bondage. She's a savvy model who knows exactly what we want and is happy to show it. As well as being a gorgeous model, she is also a talented singer
Belle comes from the south coast of England, and all that sea air has turned into a lively, energetic and enthusiastic bondage model. She began in conventional glamour modelling but soon turned her to bondage and has never looked back. Tolerant of the tightest ropes, she also holds a gag in her mouth better than most models I know. She?s both fun and funny, and a delight to work with. She?s also a great actress.
Carla Brown
I can't say this strongly enough - Carla Brown is gorgeous. This petite, dark haired UK model has already made her bondage debut, and now you can see her here, and at Blouses for Sex, looking simply stunning. She's bright, funny and fantastic to work with, and is the new face of Blouses for Sex, so keep your eyes out for her.
Caroline Pierce
American model Caroline Pierce is a bondage legend - and it's easy to see why. She always looks great in bondage with just the right pose. Of course it helps that she loves to be in ropes
Cate Harrington
Cate Harrington is a very sexy girl. Attractive, with a great body, and fun to be with, she adds real value to a shoot. She's always there with suggestions for new ways to be tied or new angles for a video. And her imagination knows no bounds!
Chanta Rose
Chanta Rose is an international bondage legend. Born in Australia, and living in America, she has appeared in the world's top bondage sites. She is a rigger for most of the time now, and only lets a select few tie her up. I'm lucky enough to be one of those few. She's a real bondage enthusiast who loves to be tied up. And can't you tell?
Charlie Storm
Charlie?s pretty face has graced the covers of many men?s magazines. It?s easy to see why. This Welsh honey is the cutest of the cute. Petite and pleasant, I could eat her up. As well as being a true professional she sets out to have fun on our bondage shoots, and we spend more time laughing than taking photographs. She is also a compulsive giggler, which makes videos a bit of a challenge.
Charlotte Elizabeth
Blonde Charlotte Elizabeth is simply delightful. She has the most gorgeous green eys, and she just loves being tied up - always the favourite part of a photoshoot. You'll be seeing a lot of Charlotte
Charn is an experienced model, a lovely lady, has a great figure, is loads of fun to be with and, most importantly, loves being tied up. In fact it's her very favourite modelling assignment
Blonde Cherry loves three things: being tied up, tying someone else up, and sex. She is a genuine switch so a picture shoot with her is an interesting experience, particularly when you add in her insatiable appetite for all things sexual. On top of all that, she's a really lovely girl.
Cherry English
Cherry English manages to be charmingly cute and achingly sexy at the same time. She looks as cute as a button in a blouse and loves to be tied up, but don't be fooled. She can dish it out too!!
Chloe Toy
Delightful Chloe Toy is one of the most sought-after bondage models in the UK and is building an international reputation. Pretty, intelligent and professional, she is a pleasure to tie up.
Chrissy looks great in a smart blouse, which is hardly surprising as this gorgeous brunette from the south of England used to be an air stewardess. She still has air stewardess-type class and poise, wearing her blouses and scarves with style. Incidentally, every blouse she puts on for a shoot she wants to take home with her. She just loves them! And can't you tell. She also enjoys her bondage, which is why she looks so sexy in ropes and gag.
Christina Carter
What is there to say about Christina Carter. She is a US bondage superstar and one of the world's most famous bondage models. But despite her star status she is a terrific, funny, pleasant girl to work with and of course, looks terrific in ropes and gag. She just loves her job, and we love her.
Dani is a sexy, bubbly girl from the English Midlands. She's one of the friendliest, chattiest models I've worked with and is fun to be around. She is very rope-tolerant and is one of the few girls who can touch her elbows behind her back. She also looks great in a cleave gag.
Danielle is a very pretty raven-haired cutie from the North of England. As well as being a lot of fun to work with she looks fantastic in a blouse and even better when she's tied up. She has worked for as number of UK bondage sites, and is a natural. I think we're going to see much more of Danielle in ropes.
Danni's first words on our first shoot, as soon as I started tying her, were, "I enjoy being tied up. It makes me feel relaxed and sexy." After that I knew she was going to be a great bondage model. Tall, blonde and voluptuous she has great breasts which put her blouse buttons under severe strain but look fantastic. She's also a very nice girl - a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to tie up.
Debby Turpin
Debby is the best thing to come out of Liverpool since The Beatles. Blonde and bubbly, Debby has a great body and looks good in any outfit. She is a very experienced model who never needs to be told how to pose. Sweet or sultry, sexy or submissive, she gets the pose and expression right every time.
Donna Jackson
Donna is an experienced and very classy model. This English brunette looks great as a power-dressed business lady or a sophisticated girl about town, and she looks at her best in ropes and gag. When she's tied up and cleavegagged she reminds me of that 70s bondage icon Jennifer West. Quite an acheivement!
Donna Marie
I?m proud to have been the photographer who introduced Donna Marie to bondage. She was a late stand-in for a model who had pulled out at the last minute and had never done bondage photography before. Boy, was she good. But for that happy accident the world would have been deprived of a sexy and talented bondagette. Always cheerful and up for it, she now loves her bondage shoots. She never stops talking though, even when gagged. This Midlands girl could chatter for England!!
Eden Wells
US bondage star Eden Wells is a real asset to our site. This classy blonde has retro film star looks and an elegant sophistication. But that doesn't mean she doesn't look a million dollars in ropes and a gag
The very beautiful Emma from Derbyshire in the English Midlands is a former beauty queen and established glamour model, but new to bondage. She took to it like a duck to water, and looks fabulous in blouses and bondage. She's destined to become a favourite - yet another fabulous bondagette discovered by Bound by Bhowani
Fi Stevens
I booked Fi Stevens for a shoot when I decided the site needed a redhead. I'm glad I did. She came highly recommended but still exceeded my expectations. She's a really nice, genuine girl - an English rose who enjoys a gossip during a shoot, but clicks into professional mode when she needs to.
Fifi is just lovely. A delicious Mediterranean mix of Turkish, Greek and Italian. She looks great in any outfit and is great fun to work with. A real fun girl
I don't think I've evr worked with a model as enthusiastic as Frankie. In every set she's fascinated with what's going on and full of ideas. She loves wearing scarves, particularly with a blouse, and always looks good in them. She also likes scarves for gags and is the only girl to date who has cheerfully submitted to the Bhowani seven-scarf gag.
Hannah Claydon
Gorgeous Hannah Claydon will be no stranger to anyone who has ever read a lads' mag or a popular UK newspaper. This star of the UK glamour world is now a fully-fledged Bhowani bondagette. She's a breathtakingly stunning blonde with a beautiful body and a personality to match. Watch out for lots more Hannah on this site, the only UK web site to feature Hannah in bondage.
Holly McGuire
The legendary Holly McGuire has starred in just about every lads mag you can name, including Loaded, Maxim, FHM, GQ and Zoo and she's a well-known Page Three girl. I'm proud to have been the first person to shoot her in bondage, and to look at the pictures you'd think she'd been doing it all her life. She's a very busy girl, featuring in pop videos, commercials and TV as well as her glamour work. None of this has gone to her head though. She's a lovely girl to work with. A real bondage star of the future.
Ila Beaumont
Delightful Ila Beaumont brings a touch of Middle Eastern mystery to our site. This half-Iranian beauty is our very own Arabian princess. She had never done a bondage shoot before working with Bhowani, but she quickly learned the ropes - so to speak. As well as her exotic good looks, she's a fun girl, a compulsive giggler, and charming to be with.
Delicious brunette Jacquelyn is new to bondage, but I think you're going to be seeing a lot of her. This pretty girl from Italy loves being tied up, and she especially likes a ballgag. We're happy to oblige
Jasmine Sinclair
When Jasmine poses for a picture, even when she's tightly tied up, she does so with every muscle in her body. She was voted the world's best bondage model and it's easy to see why. She has a gorgeous face and a great body and always knows what to do with it. She's not just pretty; she's pretty perfect.
Jess Lloyd
Jess is new to bondage but you wouldn't think so. This willowy, blonde, girl-next-door looks like she's been doing it for a long time. She's a fun girl who knows how to look good in silk and satin and is a natural in ropes. Her bondage adventures with partner Jason are as erotic as they are sexy.
Jessica Wood
Fans of Bondage Bob will be familiar with Jessica Wood. This dark-haired beauty has featured there for some years, and is now in the Bhowani stable of stunners. She's a great girl, lots of fun, poses well, and has intense blue eyes which look just delicious over a tight gag. And as well as taking strict bondage she can also dish it out, so watch out guys!
Jewell Marceau
Jewell Marceau is among the world's best known bondage models. She's been tied up by the most famous riggers, but she looks at her absolute best in Bhowani-style blouse bondage. Despite her reputation, she hasn't let fame go to her head. She's a down-to-earth, chatty girl who enjoys a laugh, and best of all, enjoys being tied up - and the tighter the better.
Katrina is from Russia and is probably the most energetic bondage model I've ever tied up. Whether doing stills or video she throws herself around with gusto and enthusiasm. She's like a fish on a hook.n She is also extremely rope-tolerant and is quick to tell a photographer if he heasn't tied her up tight enough. Sadly she has now retired from modelling but she's left a great legacy of images behind her.
Some of you requested a model with a curvier look. So this is Kimberley, an established adult model who is fairly new to bondage - but very keen to learn. Hope you curvy fans like her
Kobe Lee
Kobe is an international bondage legend. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, I managed to catch Kobe on one of her rare visits to the UK. She's not only beautiful, she is fantastic to work with - a real fun girl with lots of style. And she enjoyed being tied up as much as I enjoyed tying her, which always helps.
Kyla Cole
Kyla Cole has the bluest eyes of any girl I've ever seen. So much so, when I saw her on her web site I thought she was wearing coloured contact lenses. When I met her I realised she wasn't. They're all her own. And they look their best when they're looking out over a tight gag. Kyla is an internationally known glamour model and film star from Slovakia and I was lucky enough to arrange a shoot with her when she was paying a fleeting visit to the UK. It's the only bondage shoot she's ever done in Britain, and they're some of the most striking pictures I've taken.
Lana Cox
What is there to say about Lana that hasn't already been said? She was the first model I ever tied up so she will always be special to me. I have since worked with her more than any other model and have a huge back catalogue to share with you. Russian born, with the sexiest accent you'll ever hear, Lana is the consumate professional. Her expressions and her body positions are always exactly right and she needs no direction. Her classically beautiful good looks,her great body, and her wit and charm make her the perfect model to work with.
Layla May
Layla is new to bondage, but she's certainly not new to modelling, having been a top glamour model for some time. As soon as I tied her for the first time I knew she was going to be a bondage star of the future. She's very good indeed. In fact Layla is good at anything she turns her hand to, whether it's modelling, dancing, acting or deejaying. Expect to see a lot of her bound and gagged.
I was going to say that Leah had gorgeous "girl-next-door" good looks, but on reflection, you'd have to be pretty lucky to live next door to this blonde beauty. Leah is an English rose with beautiful blue eyes and a melting smile. She's an experienced bondagette who has worked with some of the top bondage photographers in Europe. Her expressions and positions are always perfect. She holds a gag superbly well, and her on-video struggles are the best I've seen.
Lisa Scott
Lisa Scott is as typical Glaswegian - fiery and fun and never dull. She's fun to work with and she couldn't be more enthusiastic about being tightly tied and gagged. And she just loves satin blouses
Lola Marie
Lola Marie isn't just delicious - she's very very sexy. She loves to be tied up and is a genuine switch. You'll love Lola Marie and her sexy bondage adventures.
Lolly Badcock
Lolly is a well established UK model and her talent shows. As well as being gorgeous - with raven black hair and deep blue eyes - she's a very sexual girl. She loves to push the boundaries and is up for most things. She looks great in ropes and always has the right position and the right expression. Lots of fun to work with and a real star
Lucy Zara
Long-legged Lucy Zara is one of our great bondage models, but it hasn't gone to her head. She's down to earth, witty and fun to work with. Talented and professional, with classic good looks and a great figure,she always knows what to do once she's tied up. I'm always sorry when a Lucy Zara shoot comes to an end.
Michelle Monroe
Blonde, curvy Michelle is a gorgeous lass from the north of England with a fantastic figure, lovely blue eyes, and a great sense of humour. She has appeared in many newspapers and magazines and is an FHM High Street Honey. She says being tied up is a great feeling, "as good as a massage". You'll certainly love seeing her snug as a bug in ropes and scarves
Mimi Fawn
Mimi Fawn is an American model who lives in London. She is cute and submissive with the most gorgeous doe-eyes to drown in. She loves being tied up and it shows
Missey loves being tied up. She's a true submissive who was into bondage before she ever became a model. Now she enjoys every minute of a photo shoot and you can tell. With deep blue eyes and cascading hair, she's a natural. The tighter the ropes, the more she likes it, and her on-video struggles are totally genuine. She's also a sweet girl who under estimates her own appeal. But we all know she looks great.
Morgan is a South Asian model who is a bit of a bondage veteran. She certainly loves being in ropes and looks good in a white blouse
Mynxx loves to be tied up. And when she's bound and helpless she loves to struggle against the ropes. Unlike many of our models, Mynxx got straight into bondage modelling before she did any glamour work. Why? Because she just loves it. And you'll love her.
I'm always very careful when I tie up a model, particularly if I'm working with her for the first time. So when Natalie said, "You can tie me tighter if you like," I knew she was going to be special. This charming, chatty, down to earth Midlands girl is great fun to work with. She's also a great actress in front of the camera, making up her own words to mutter through her gag.
Natasha is from Lithuania and has that cute, quirky and sexy look that only East European girls seem to achieve. She loves bondage and looks great in ropes. She's also a very sexy girl and loves to perform while she's tied up. And she's not averse to tying someone else up and giving as much pleasure as she gets.
Nicky Phillips
Lovely leggy Nicky Phillips is a fun model to work with. She enjoys her bondage, is always up for new ideas, and looks great. The perfect model
NikkiLee is all the B's - blonde, busty, bubbly, and looks great in blouses and bondage. She's great fun to be with and a shoot with her is a blast - as you can probably see
Nixx was a late stand-in for a model who couldn't make a shoot. Despite never having been photographed in bondage before, she was a natural. This damsel loves being tied up and it shows. A sophisticated addition to the Bhowani stable
When I asked North Country girl Olivia if she would work with me I knew her as a well known glamour and lingerie model but didn't know if she would agree to do bondage. Thankfully she did - readily. She has class and poise combined with stunning good looks. She always looks great in a satin blouse and she knows it. Combine that with tight leather trousers and she's dynamite. No wonder she was voted Miss Leather Trousers.
Pixiee Little
Pixiee Little may be little in stature, but she's a big UK pornstar and can be seen in bondage for the first time here - another Bhowani exclusive. She's a very sexy and sensual girl who knows how to take it and give it. A shoot with Pixiee is a memorable experience
Sexy blonde Porscha is one of the gutsiest models I know. In 2006 she was rushed to hospital for an emergency, life-threatening liver transplant. A few months later she was up modelling again, despite occasional bouts of pain. She believes that life is for living and she's determined to have fun. She's a real honey and a pleasure to know, as well as looking just dynamite.
Rachel Bell
FHM honey and Maxim model Rachel Bell makes her bondage debut on this site. But you wouldn't believe she'd never been in bondage before. She's an absolute natural. She's also pretty, petite, witty and a superb dancer. You'll love everything about this gorgeous brown-eyed brunette
Ramona is a statuesque Asian model who always looks great in blouses and bondage. And Ramona is guaranteed to give that little bit extra.
Rebecca has an Italian father and an Irish mother - a pedigree to be reckoned with! Dark-haired, with beautiful blue eyes, Rebecca is fun to work with and looks good in bondage.
Rebecca Leah
Rebecca Leah is a well established British glamour model, but is fairly new to bondage. This tall, leggy, attractive and intelligent blonde just oozes class and elegance
Roxanne is, quite simply, gorgeous. This dark haired beauty from Russia combines a sultry, mysterious sexiness with stunning good looks. She's a newcomer to bondage but her poses and expressions are always just right. You'd think she'd been doing it for years. Dressed in a satin blouse, skin tight leather trousers and a flirty neckscarf she looks just wonderful. I think we'll be seeing a lot of Roxanne.
Roxy Mendez
Roxy Mendez is dark, mysterious and beautiful. She looks gorgeous in blouses and ropes - I know you'll love her.
I call Sabrina my posh totty. This upmarket English girl has debutante good looks and finishing school poise. But she's still game for most things. Put her in ropes and gag and she knows how to look sultry and sexy. Seeing those deep brown eyes staring at you over a gag isn't a sight you'll forget in a hurry.
Saffy just loves being tied up. She's never happier than when she's dressed in her favourite stockings and suspenders, tightly tied, with a gag in her mouth. It makes tying her up that much easier if you know she's having a ball. She;s also extremely flexible and can get herself into some mouth-watering positions. If you want to see more of Saffy checkout her site at www.saffyssecrets.com.
Samantha is a tall, willowy blonde with a great figure, long legs and deep blue eyes. She's enthusiastic, pleasant and funny and very willing to learn new things. We'll be seeing more of blonde Samantha
Sapphire is a pretty, petite bondagette with blue eyes you could drown in! Not only is she gorgeous, and great to work with, she also loves being tied up and gagged. She just adores it - and it shows. You'll be seeing a lot of Sapphire.
Savannah is a very pretty girl from the east of England with gorgeous blue eyes. She's fairly new to bondage photography but you wouldn't think so. She's a natural. Her pictures are always great and she's sensational on video, mmmphing through her gags louder than any model I've worked with. A real fun girl.
Scarlet Louise
Scarlet Louise is a leggy, sensual milf who loves to climax while she's tied up.
Stunning Serena was described by The Sun newspaper as "Britain's sexiest scientist." Not surprising. She's certainly sexy, and she's brainy as well. She has not one but two university degrees - on of them a Masters - and she works as a scientist at one of the UK's top hospitals. She bears a remarkable resemblance to Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole, and has the most hypnotic eyes. She's been seen in FHM, Maxim, Nutz and The Sun to name but a few publications, but this site is the only place you can see sexy Serena in bondage.
Simone, from Germany, is new to bondage. You're more likely to find her glamour modelling or dancing in London's top nightclubs. But willowy Simone looks just great in ropes and gag
Sophia Smith
Sophia is a rising starlet. This gorgeous brunette is rising to the top of the bondagette league table, appearing on the best bondage sites in the UK, Europe and the US. She's very supple, as you can see from the picture on the right, and loves bondage. She finds the whole process of being tied up and gagged fascinating and exciting. We'll be seeing a lot more of Sophia.
Stephanie Bonham-Carter
Stephanie Bonham-Carter is the "posh totty" of the British glamour scene. This blue-eyed blonde looks fabulous in ropes and gags - exclusively tempted into Bhowani bondage for our privileged members
Tammy is one of those girls who oozes sex from every pore of her body. Whatever she does she does it sexily. This Rachel Stephens lookalike loves nothing more than to pose in tight ropes, reserving her best expressions for the close-ups. She can switch from demure to dangerous in a second and always catches the moment. As she would put it, she's a real minx.
Leggy and lovely Tia had never been in bondage before until she met Bhowani. But she took to it like a duck to water - particularly in the videos, with some great struggling and moaning. A natural
Tigerr is a delightful Asian girl who really loves her bondage. Born in Hong Kong, Tigerr is in demand all over Europe - not to mention Japan - and never seems to be in the same country for long. She's enthusiastic, pretty, very sexy and a great story teller - that's when she's not gagged.
Tillie has been in lots of lads' mags and newspapers and is one of the UK's glamour stars. Now you can see her here in bondage. This pretty dark-haired stunner is a natural in ropes and gag and took to it like a duck to water. Now, having enjoyed the Bhowani bondage experience she's keen to get tied up as often as she can.
Trisha conacted me and said she loved being tied up and wanted to be bound Bhowani-style, wearing some sexy blouses. How can you resist an offer like that from such a good-looking girl. She just loves her bondage, always wants it tighter, and never wants to be untied. My kind of gal!!!
Vanessa is a lovely blonde fetish model from Sweden. This Nordic beauty loves wearing classic blouses, and loves being tied up
Vanessa Upton
What is there to say about gorgeous Vanessa Upton. She is among the most famous British glamour models from her days as a Page Three girl, and she has graced the pages of almost every glamour mag and lad's mag around. She's fairly new to bondage modelling but you wouldn't think so. Her positions and expressions are just perfect. And she also shares our love for blouses, having been into silky blouses and shirts for many years. What a girl.
Vickie Powell
There's not much that doesn't turn Vickie Powell on. She's a very sensual lady who loves to wear satin, loves to be tied, and especially loves to be blindfolded. And you'll love watching her sexy antics
Blonde, well-endowed Victoria is a well-established British glamour model who wanted to try some bondage. Needless to say Bhowani was happy to oblige. She looks great in a blouse and is a natural in ropes. I just know you'll love her videos - she's got a great line in gag talk!
Wendy Jayne
Wendy Jayne is a sweet model from the English Midlands who is more enthusiastic about bondage than any other type of modelling. She loves it. Bursting with ideas and enthusiasm, she adds value to every shoot. Like Charlie Storm, she's a compulsive giggler, which means I have to blindfold her as much to hide her giggling as to stop her seeing


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