Bhowani's Bondage Models


Alais Peach

Alais Peach loves being tied up, especially if the mix includes lots of silky scarves. She just loves scarf bondage and goes off into another world when she's swathed in silk. She's also fun to work with.

In this site you can see Alais:
- Tied to a pole, gagged and blindfolded in green blouse and skirt;
- Tied up in a red blouse and gagged and blindfolded with 11 silk scarves - watch as each scarf is removed.
- Bound and scarfgagged naked;
- Tied up and gagged on the bed in a white silky blouse
- Bound on the sofa and gagged with her favourite silk scarf

....and lots more silky bondage scenarios.

Alais Peach in a Cream Blouse
Alais Peach poses in a cream blouse and silk scarf
Alais Peach Blindfolded
Alais Peach has a black blindfold tied over her eyes
Alais Peach Silk Scarf Gagged
Alais Peach is tied and her favourite silk scarf tied over her mouth

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