Bhowani's Bondage Models



Amy had never been tied up in her life until she met Bhowani. Then she discovered she loved it. A very pretty brunette who's an experienced glamour model, she took to bondage like a duck to water. You'll a lot of lovely Amy here, and this is the only site where you can see her in bondage.

In this site you can see Amy
- Tied up on the bed in cream satin blouse and scarf cravat. The cravat is removed and used to gag her
- As a tied and gagged secretary in a black satin blouse
- Wearing a blue satin blouse, jodhpurs and boots, tied up and gagged by her best friend Emma
- Bound and otn gagged Japanese-style in thighboots and rubber pants
- Bound in the summer house in lilac 70s blouse and jeans
- Tightly tied on the sofa in boots and pink blouse, with a satin gag and blindfold
- Tied up and masked on a motorbike in a white satin blouse

Plus lots more bondage predicamnts on her own or with her bondage partner Emma

Amy as a Blouse wearing schoolteacher
Amy about to be tied in her silky striped blouse
Amy in Self-Bondage
Amy gags herself after tying her legs and ankles
Amy Brings Out Her Domme
Amy has fun tying up her best friend Emma

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